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Forum Investments compound interest

Forum Investments compound interest

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    Hey there,

    Yup, unit trusts and stocks are not principal guaranteed like CPF. It’s a different ball game altogether with unit trusts and stocks. While they are not principal guaranteed, they offer higher returns if the investment does well.

    You could look into principal guaranteed endowment plans if you prefer holding on to the principal invested. However, it is recommended to do some research into the projected rates of inflation, now and years to come, so you can get a projection on your returns when going with one of these plans.

    All the best!

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    Vincent Chua

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    If you are looking for a guaranteed compound interests, then probably you can consider instruments like Endowment Plans (EP), Singapore Savings Bonds (SSB) or Fixed Deposits (FD).

    EPs usually give between 2 to 4% yield, depending on companies, products and time horizon.

    SSBs are generally between 2 to 3%.

    FDs at around 1 to 2%.

    SSBs and FDs are capital protected while the interests are only guaranteed if you hold till maturity.

    For EPs, there are guaranteed and non-guaranteed portions. So do be careful.


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      Sorry to say this, but how can you classify FD as compound interests? And EP’s give out 2-4% yield? Not always you know! I think you must be more realistic.

      Many EPs don’t even give you 2%! It depend on IF their return hit a percentage FIRST, like 4% returns, then they give you returns like peanuts 1.8%.

      Bottom line: If you want your spending power to be less than now in 20 yrs time, then go for EP lor…

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      Honciu Constantin

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    Hi Guys. I am new here, so sorry to interrupt the convo. I think what the earlier guy Vincent, mean is you put in FD for one year, then after one year, take the amount+interest earn put back in FD for another year and do this again and again. Then Walah, compound interest. But if me, I won’t do that. To me it’s damn blardy leceh. Safe, but dammmmmmn leceh. just my 2 cent. haha!

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    Can you please suggest in Singapore using Monthly investment plan(MIP) how, can i can i investment in emerging markets ETF(India, MY, ID, TH, JP), same like STI ETF. Also Dividend earn should also be automatically re-invested.

    I am currently already doing MIP via DBS bank on Nikko AM STI ETF. I need similar counter for emerging market ETF. Please suggest

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    Vincent Chua

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    Hi VG,

    You can do so via respective platform brokerages like Philip Securities etc. However, I’m not sure if they can do automatic re-investment. Need to verify this with the respective platform provider.

    Do note that not all providers carry such ETFs. It’s best you check with the providers to get a clearer picture.

    Btw, you have a very interesting strategy by investing in respective country’s ETF. Just curious, why do you consider such a strategy as opposed to focusing it on just one or two ETFs (e.g S&P500, STI or Emerging markets ETFs)?

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