Forum Property What is best property invetsment for single above 40. HDB, Condo,

Forum Property What is best property invetsment for single abo...

Forum Property What is best prop...

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    For investment purposes, it is easier to rent out a bigger unit to a family than a 1 bedroom unit.

    So let’s eliminate the 1 bedroom condo and compare the 2 bedroom condo vs the HDB 4 room flat (Has 3 bedrooms).

    Since you’re going to be staying in the unit for the first 5 years, then we would suggest the HDB to be a better investment as, as per HDB rules, you can’t sell the flat within the first 5 years and it works out for you, because after that 5 years, you’ll be renting it out.

    The difference between a 4 room HDB rental price compared to a 2 bedroom Condo rental price is better compared to the prices of the homes.

    Example :

    Rental HDB : Rental 2 bedroom condo

    2800 : 3500

    80% : 100%

    Price of HDB : Price of Condo

    700,000 : 1,000,000


    therefore, from an investment stand point on rental yields the HDB will do better.

    However this is subject to market cycle and we won’t be able to tell the rental prices, or the upswing in price appreciation.

    Good Luck! Hope this helps! 🙂


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    Invest overseas!

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